Education is the passport to the future, so give your children the tools they need to survive. We assist with obtaining your child’s student visa, sourcing out accommodation and providing general peace of mind. TDSP Travels & Tours is your trusted professional student placement and visa counselling firm.

Our international educational consultants can help you with the following:

Schools selection that match your choice of course(s)

Admission Processing (Undergraduate and Post-graduate)

Students` Visa Consultancy


Schools with affordable tuition

General International Admission Process

We do not promise what we cannot deliver.

We are agent to leading universities in The USA, Georgia, Cyprus, India, China, Ukraine, UK, Canada, South Africa to mention a few. Hence, going abroad through is a walk-over process with us as we have helped hundreds of students with their admission and visa processing before now. That is why clients trust us and can rely on us. 

Call our client service now to match you with a specialised international admission consultant.

Coverage: The USA, Canada, European Union Countries such as Georgia, Cyprus, Belarus, Austria, Germany, Sweden, Norway and Finland , Canada, China, South Africa and  The UK.

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