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Applicants do not need to have friends or family in the USA, UK, Canada, France, Germany or any other country abroad in order to visit the country. A Standard Visitor visa for tourism purposes allows applicants to travel to the USA, the UK, Canada, France, Germany for leisure, for conference, for business or for another reason such as to visit family and friends, take part in sports and creative events, receive private medical treatment.

For instance, applying for the B1/B2 Tourist Visa ( in the US) can seem daunting and complex, but with TDSP Travels & Tours by your side, you won’t have to spend your time doing hours of research about the process, uncertain of what to do, when to do or how to do it. We streamline the process and give you your best shot at approval, equipping you with valuable tools and information.

All applicants in this category must show to the USA, UK, Canadian, French, German Immigration Authorities that they can financially maintain and accommodate themselves in the countries without recourse to public funding or working. They can show however that they have assistance from family member(s) living in the USA, UK, Canada, France or Germany.